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FREE Fundraiser !

Host a cotton candy fundraiser at NO COST TO YOU!

Raise money for schools, sports teams, charities, office parties etc. 

1. Pick up your box of FREE cotton candy (100 containers of best-selling flavors)

2. Sell them at your fundraiser, event or party

3. Only pay for what you sold (the rest can be returned)

The shelf life is over a year, so your customers can stock up for birthday presents, Christmas stockings, wedding favors, Easter baskets, hostess gifts, teacher appreciation etc.

It’s so easy! Our unique, whimsical, and colorful cotton candy will sell themselves. Just sit back, watch the fun, and collect the money!

Fill out the fundraising form below to get started. 

Fundraiser Information Form
How will you selling?
Is this your first fundraiser?

Thank you for your Fundraiser Information. We will be in touch shortly.

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